Is Ontario Medical Officer of Health part of a Cover up?

Underwood, Ontario/ September 7, 2011- When does a Medical Officer of Health start acting like a doctor is the question Norma Schmidt asked today.

Schmidt, a registered nurse is living in a home surrounded by 110 industrial wind turbines. She has been sick for over a year. Schmidt held a news conference today with John Laforet, President of Wind Concerns Ontario at her home to tell people how devastating it has been.

Laforet pointed to an email dated April 26, 2010 from Dr. David Colby, Acting Medical Officer of Health for Chatham-Kent. It was obtained through an FOI concerning the creation of a report on Potential Health Effects of Wind Turbines by Dr. Arlene King, Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH).

In the email Dr. Colby, one of the contributors to the report, suggests the author (not King but a report
writer) rewrite a section.  He points out that “the terms ‘evidence/research available to date … ‘To date’
and its inclusion seem to imply that more research is needed.”

The diminutive Schmidt is outraged at this statement. “Of course more research needs to be done. They claim there is an absence of evidence,” said Schmidt. “They’ve conducted no clinical research on health impacts from wind turbines in Ontario. As I shouted it down into the legislature from the gallery last year… I am the EVIDENCE!”

Colby’s email goes on to state, “There is no evidence that Ontario’s sound standards for noise are inadequate.” This statement is false. The 4-page report to senior bureaucrats by MOE field officer Cameron Hall dated April 9, 2010 clearly indicated in detail many serious problems with the noise
measurement guidelines for wind turbines that “will result in adverse effects”.

“What we have here is a genuine cover up.” said John Laforet, President of Wind Concerns Ontario. “Either the Ministry of Environment did not share all their information with the Medical Officer of Health or the Medical Officer of Health decided to ignore it. Either way we have more people in Ontario like Norma suffering as a consequence.”

While John Wilkinson (MOE) and Dalton McGuinty claim they are doing everything right they are doing everything wrong. Dr. David Colby’s statements have consistently been a resource for the wind industry since his first report back in 2008.

Where is the truth? It is at Norma Schmidt’s broken life surrounded by a wind turbine nightmare.


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